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PIC12F683 Development Board

I have recently made a new PIC development board for PIC12F683. It is an 8-pin microcontroller with a lot of good features including 10-bit ADC and PWM. The development board has following features:

1. A Regulated +5V power supply. 2. 3 Red LED outputs which can be connected to any GPIO pins using jumper wires. 3. An ON/OFF power supply switch. 4. A Green LED as a power ON indicator. 5. An 8-pin IC socket for PIC12F683 microcontroller. 6. Two potentiometers: one for providing Vref, and other for simulating analog input to ADC. 7. An ICSP header connector. 8. Two tactile switches for input operation. 9. A TTL to RS232 level shifter using a transistor circuit. 10. A piezo buzzer. 11. A DC motor with driving circuit. 12. Access to individual pins of PIC12F683 through female header pins.

Experiment No. 11: Temperature Data Logger Using PIC16F628A Microcontroller

This project is the combination of the two experiments that we already did in past: Experiment No. 4 and 10. In experiment 4, we demonstrated how to use the mikroC 1-wire library to read temperature data from a digital sensor DS1820, and display the value on a LCD screen. Now we are going to use the hardware UART to transfer the temperature data from the PIC to a PC (Exp. No. 10). The Hyper-Terminal program running on a PC will receive the temperature values and display on screen. The temperature data from the microcontroller will be sent in every 15 sec.

Experimental Setup:

The setup for this experiment is same as the Experiment no. 10 with a DS1820 inserted in its 3-pin female header receiver on the board. The data output of DS1820 is connected to RB.0 (see articles  Exp. No. 4 and 1-Wire Protocol for detail). You need to rebuild the same TTL to RS232 level shifter circuit on a breadboard and set up a hyper-terminal to receive data at 9600 baud rate.