Wednesday, September 9, 2009

mikroC PRO for PIC 2009

mikroC PRO for PIC 2009 is a C compiler for PIC microcontrollers. We are going to use the demo version of this for our PIC board.

Download Here

mikroC PRO for PIC 2009 Manual

Install the Compiler and read the manual before doing experiments.

Read this from Elektor Magazine 

Belgrade-based MikroElektronika have recently launched a new C compiler for PIC® microcontrollers: mikroC PRO for PIC 2009. The IDE features project-based design and supports an impressive range of PIC microcontrollers. mikroC PRO for PIC 2009 offers a set of libraries which simplify the initialization and use of PIC MCU and its modules including libraries for ADC, CAN, CANSPI, Compact Flash, EEPROM, Ethernet, Flash Memory, Graphic LCD, I²C, Keypad, LCD, Manchester Code, MMC/SD Card, OneWire, Port Expander, PrintOut, PS/2, PWM, RS-485, Sound, SPI, Graphic LCD, UART, USB HID, Standard ANSI C, T6963C GLCD, Miscellaneous, SPI and more ...

MikroC PRO for PIC also has plenty of practical examples and a comprehensive set of documentation which allows a quick start in programming PIC devices. PIC hardware development tools that completely support mikroC PRO for PIC 2009 are also available. A fully functional demonstration version (hex output is limited to 2k of program words) is available on the mikroElektronika website.


  1. I really love these blog. These is where I start learning PIC micorcontrollers as well as mikroC. Thank you and more power to the creator.


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