Friday, August 27, 2010

A tiny Temperature Data Logger using PIC12F683 and DS1820

For past few days, I have been working on a PIC12F683 based temperature data logger. I just finished this project and the product is available on my PIC12F683 blog page.This is how the finished product looks like.

It reads temperature values from a DS1820 sensor and stores in its internal EEPROM. It has 3 selectable sampling intervals (1 sec, 1 min, and 10 min). Three tact switches provides 7 functions, and this runs with 3  AAA batteries. It can be interfaced to a PC through serial port, and also has an ISCP header for firmware upgrade.

Read rest of the project. 


  1. hi
    after few trails the output shows 255 c even though the max range is 125c
    i have used the exact code which u had posted in electronics lab
    plz help me out

  2. Try the new code posted here.

    If you see readings 255, it means you are not reading data from the temperature sensor correctly.

  3. ya 255 is just an add of the pic i guess
    and thanks for the link ;)

  4. and does it mean that the pic has blown off????

  5. and what should if i get the reading as 255

  6. Hey Vivek,
    Tell me more detail about the symptoms. Do you mean that you are receiving all 255 values on hyperterminal window? If so, then PIC is alright. What sensor are you using? This program works for DS1820? If you are using DS18B20, this will require some modifications.

  7. yes i am getting all 255 values....
    i am using DS1820
    i tried rebuilding the whole ckt again and i put the new code from the link u gave even after that i am getting as 255 on hyperterminal..
    is it an hardware problem ?????

  8. This could be a hardware problem, but I believe your PIC is working because it is sending data to PC. Check your connections with DS1820 and microcontroller.

  9. hi sir,
    i am santhosh doing a final year project in temperature data logger
    i want to know how to add a external memory to increase the memory capacity

  10. Many pic circuit ideas on

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