Saturday, September 11, 2010

PIC16F628A Experiments

Here's the list of all the experiments I have posted on this blog. I have performed these experiments on my PIC16F628A development board.
(First read about my PIC16F628A Development Board)

  1. Experiment No. 1: Four-bit Binary Counter
  2. Experiment No. 2: Tact Switch and Seven-Segment Display Interface
  3. Experiment No. 3: HD44780 LCD Interface in 4-bit Mode
  4. Experiment No. 4: 1-Wire Interface with DS1820 Temperature Sensor
  5. Experiment No. 5: Multiplexed Seven-Segment Display
  6. Experiment No. 6: Read/Write Internal EEPROM
  7. Experiment No. 7: Timers and Interrupts
  8. Experiment No. 8: Hardware PWM to control LED Brightness
  9. Experiment No. 9: Digital Speed Control of DC Motor
  10. Experiment No. 10: UART Data Transfer to PC
  11. Experiment No. 11: Temperature Data Logger
  12. Experiment No. 12: Timer0 as Mains AC Frequency Counter       
More experiments will be added to this section in future.

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